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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Winter Skiffing 2015

With the completion of the racing season and clocks going back just a reminder on river safety.

River conditions
Any river activity poses a greater risk when there are strong currents, higher river levels or cold weather conditions. Flows can increase even during the summer months – never assume sunny weather means the conditions are not hazardous.

You can keep up to date on conditions on the Sunbury Stretch via the environment agency:

Thames River Conditions

You can also call the Environment Agency Flood line on 0845 9881188.

Do not take risks and never underestimate the power of the river.

Condition Yellow Boards:
The stream conditions can be strong and dangerous for novices and are subject to change, this could happen while you are on the water.
You can skiff but use common sense and make sure each boat has one experienced member in it:

Members are advised not to skiff between sunset and sunrise.

Condition Red Boards:
The Captain or Vice Captain will assess the risk of boating, taking stream flow and weather conditions on the day and then decide whether or not boating is allowed.
Under no circumstances will members under 18 be allowed on the river.
Only double skiffs with experienced members and coxswains will be allowed on the river – no singles.

Under no circumstances shall any skiff be taken out between sunset and sunrise.

Navigation lights

When navigating between sunset and sunrise or in restricted visibility, you must ensure your craft displays the correct navigation lights. These are available in the boat house.


  • bright white light facing forward – on the mast, staff at the bow, cabin top or similar.
  • GREEN light on the starboard side.
  • RED light on the port side.
  • WHITE light on the stern.


  • An all round WHITE light or two white lights giving the same coverage.


  •  If on the water at dusk, after sunset or in restricted visibility, light coloured tops should be worn and an all round WHITE light or two WHITE lights covering 360 degrees must be displayed

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Saturday, 26 September 2015


A lovely Autumn day greeted us for this penultimate sprint regatta

Another good turn out for SSPC , with our MND out first .M.Sherry and T.Jackson cox E.Neat against a valley crew .They are improving all the time and looking good together ,a loss this time by one and a half lengths

J Taylor enjoying her new singles catergory at Novice , winning this straight final easily WIN !!!!

A new crew next at MED - S.Dobson (Finbar) / G.Reed and coxed by oneself . Not much training had by this crew (none) , they pushed from the start , holding their own until halfway and then BANG!!! Finbar went into what i can only explain as cardiac arrest . I was worried he hadn't brushed his teeth because i was expecting to give him mouth to mouth , but this beast of a man carried on with gayle unaware of the sight i was seeing with Finbar in stroke . As  the other crew slowly moved away the crowd cheered us on not knowing what the strange noises were coming from our boat . The final bell tolled and we drifted to a halt . The strange noises slowly dissipated and we  headed to shore ! Hats off to Finbar , don't do that to me again ! They lossed by the way .

Next up MND     J Cross / A Chamberlain / cox P Neat , an easy win in this heat

M.Sherry still having a go at entrant singles , a loss against a strong ditton's lady , but improvement is there to be seen

GND Finbar at it again with Trevor and Jen in the coxes seat . Although i didn't have the pleasure of steves face this time i had the audible from the bank . A loss , more fitness needed !

MED We decided to put our juniors up to status levels . WOW ! E Neat / C.Taylor cox Z.Beharie
They looked smooth / composed , technique was awesome , they breezed through this heat

GED Trevor and Callum in a straight final . They won this race by a length , looking  very good , fantastic win , Trevor now at novice at all catergorys . Happy Man WIN!!!!

LND "the kids " were at it again , this time Jo and Gayle , no win today for these girls

Then to the race of the day - Z.Beharie a 12 year old boy racing at GED . After a pep talk from his coach / dad for approx 60 mins about not drifting into the notorious dittons bay they set off from the start . Halfway down the course Zak decided to ignore his coach and have a picnic in the bay . The ditton's guy had a lead with no way back for Zak .Well thats what we thought , after the picnic , Zak decided to put his foot , he was like a train after his scotch egg and passed the tiring ditton's guy to take the win . Fantastic WIN!!!!!!

Final of the MND Jo and Alistair had a tough race , but lead all the way and won by half a length - WIN!!!!

Proud dad alert - Final of the MED . Emily and Callum / Zak cox . The youngsters showed their class to win this race easily  , this crew will go far WIN !!!!

Great day for Sunbury 5 wins


One more sprint regatta to go , well done Sunbury

Happy Skiffing


Thursday, 10 September 2015


As always ,  I will start with the weather - GREY

It was Skiff Clubs 120th Anniversary regatta , with a live jazz band and a good entry of competitors

First up for Sunbury was myself in bow with my partner Alistair and Zak coxing in gents higher  . We were up against the mighty crew from Valley who recorded the fastest time of the day in this heat to record an easy win

Next were a new crew put together - Mary and Tenacious Trevor - Callum coxing .They look good together for the first time at novice but losted by 3 lengths to a Valley crew

NOW FINALLY , finally , finally  Jen  has  put her  hand up to do a single at entrant , against another Sunbury lady Gayle . Well done both ladies - Jen being victoriuos - through to the final

Then Tricky Trevor was racing at novice singles , against the captain of The Skiff club . Win for Skiff Club

Then Me and Jen in a heat of higher mixed . My legs didn't work after this race - win for us by two foot over a valley crew -  through to final

Faithe doing her novice singles - won her heat easily - through to final

And then the final - Faithe versus Jo - Experience versus Enthusiasm- Experience won
Well done ladies WIN !!!! Novice single WINNER !!

Lunch was taken on this grey day and the band played to themselves

Nervous toilet breaks taken , on to the final of mine and Jen Mixed Higher . After getting my legs to work again , we battled against a ditton's crew , they were just too good , more power please !!

Jo and Alistair in a straight final at novice against a valley crew . WIN FOR SUNBURY !!!

Now a straight final for JO and Gayle "the kids" in entrants mixed .Coxed by their mentor Jen ! There was tears there was laughter , there was victory !!WIN FOR SUNBURY !!!

J16 singles heat ! Two Sunbury boys , Ben and Callum battled it out . Ben Victorious through to final

Ladies entrant final - Two Sunbury ladies - Mary versus Jen - WIN FOR SUNBURY !!! Jen took the glory

J16 final ! Big Ben against young Zak - age and size maybe against Zak , but enthusiasm is not , WIN FOR SUNBURY !!!!! BIG BEN WINS but Zak came a close second

That concludes the round up of Sunbury results



Another good day at the office

Happy skiffing

VC Neat

Monday, 31 August 2015


So this is "THE BIG ONE" , the regatta everyone wants to win , the one that proves you are the best !

Well not quite this year , entries were down yet again for such a precocious event , however Sunbury didn't let us down  , we turned out in force

First up for us was MND "Clever" Trevor Jackson / Jo cross against a TVSC crew - I'm afraid an easy win for the Valley crew

Then Ben Harris jumped in to make a composite crew with Rowan ONeill from WSPC in a GND - Im afraid in a bit out of their depth , but that was to be expected, seeing they are only juniors

Next up , we had our most experienced ladies crew out at LND - F. Cockroft / J.Taylor / Cox C.Taylor . It was a straight final and they steam rollered themselves to victory . Great WIN !!!

MHD was the next event with me and J.Taylor entering . Against a TVSC crew , that was the strongest crew i think i have come across , easy win for Valley .

J16 singles with Ben harris against Rowan Oneill - good battle but Ben came through the heat -WIN!!

The most intriguing , noisiest , captivating  race of the day was all down the the Juniors J16 doubles
SSPC - E.Neat / C.Taylor/ Cr.Taylor(cox)  against a composite crew of L.Davidson / B.Harris (SSPC)/E.Graham (cox)
The race was nip and tuck all the way , everyone screaming from the banks and too close to call from the banks, if was left to the judges to make final judgement ......SSPC WIN !!!!! Big congrats to other crew for such a great race which including our very own B.Harris

GNS saw our Terrier Trevor Jackson take on the mighty M.Neal from TVSC . This man has been skiffing for forty years at Henley and never one this event . It had to choose today to have the race of his life and pip Trevor at the post close !!!

Then it was time for "The Sunbury Kids " AKA - Jo cross / G.Clarke racing at LED Straight final
These girls want it bad , so bad , they gave their all , but it wasn't their day , Easy win for the crew from TVSC

Last race of the day saw two Sunbury boys racing at J16 singles
Ben Harris - Callum Taylor
What a fitting way to end the regatta , watching two of our boys competing at this precocious event with our club so new , and so much history at this  regatta , the day was finished off with Ben Harris narrowly beating Callum to take The Medal - well done boys

So that concludes the round up of this regatta


Keep on skiffing to the next one - over and out

P.Neat SSPC VC !!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Monday, 24 August 2015

Captains Report - Sunbury Regatta 15 August 2015

This year saw a lovely sunny 138th Sunbury Amateur Regatta with over 200 competitors on Rivermead Island.

Crews from friendly rival Skiff Clubs came to race for points for the annual Ormiston Trophy & "The Victor Ludorum Gong" which is presented to the Club that win the most finals at Sunbury’s Regatta. Competitors in the past have included former Olympic rowers Sahil Hassan, Sarah Winkless, Sarah Birch and Eloise Lavrick.

5 Clubs from Teddington, Thames Ditton, Walton, Wraysbury and Sunbury were represented this year. There were some great races with very spirited competition between clubs.

Dittons (DSPC) picked up a few wins, but the main battle of the day was between Walton’s, Thames Valley Skiff Club (TVSC) and Sunbury’s own Sunbury Skiff & Punting Club (SSPC). Captain M. Egginton from TVSC and other senior members won most of the top categories, but SSPC's Vice Captain, Paul Neat led the home crews, winning both his Singles & Doubles events. SSPC then won most of the entrant categories, although K Hamilton from TVSC nearly stopped the party by cruising through the Novice singles for the Janet Graham Challenge Cup.  It all came down to the last race of the day for TVSC to make it a draw. The Club Dongola race was a convincing win for SSPC which meant they beat TVSC 11 wins to 9 in the final count. DSPC also picked up 3 wins.

The White Horse won the local Dongola race and under dogs, The Admiral Hawk took the Tug of War away from last year’s winners The Grizzly Bear, knocking out The Grey Horse & Tesco’s Sunbury Cross on the way.

Mayor Mark Francis was on hand to present all the Winners with medals and the "Gong" for the 4th year running to Sunbury Skiff & Punting Club.

John Graham
Captain SSPC

Vice Captain Report - Walton Reach Regatta 22 August 2015


Fantastic weather for viewing, however skiffing …ouch it was 29 degrees!!!!!!

First out on the course was Terrier twinkle-toes Trevor with Faithe in a double mixed @Novice status. They were up against a very strong crew from Valley in their heat, they put up a great effort however lost out on the win.

Jo in a single was next up. After going up in status from last week @ Sunbury she is now @Novice Status. It’s a big step up and lost out to a Valley girl…her time will come very soon

Next was myself with my partner Jen Taylor. Racing at Higher Status against a Ditton’s crew. We gave it our all but up against experience and “woolly” who is a big lump, overtook us halfway down the course and lost by a length. More power please!!!

Faithe took on the Captain from Ditton’s @Novice singles - a bad day at the office for Faithe as steering was her down fall. Next time Faithe

Terrier Trevor out in his favourite single. Racing @Novice against P.Oneill, no win today, but he’s getting closer and closer

Zak took on R.Oneill at J14. It’s always nip and tuck between these two, Rowan came out on top today. Boo!

Next me and Alistair (Returning back to his roots - SUNBURY) @Intermediate . Straight final against The Skiff Club. Great race and "we smashed them “as Alistair put it POT! Coxed E.Neat

Alistair and Jo crewed up for the first time @Novice. Winners in their heat against Dittons. Through to the final, however against the mighty crew that beat Faithe and Terrier earlier, they put up a good fight and a good time, but no win today


Happy skiffing

SSPC Picture Gallery

The Graham boys Great River Race 2013

The Graham boys at  Great river race 2013

Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012

SSPC at the Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012