Sunbury Skiff and Punting Club

Saturday, 26 September 2015


A lovely Autumn day greeted us for this penultimate sprint regatta

Another good turn out for SSPC , with our MND out first .M.Sherry and T.Jackson cox E.Neat against a valley crew .They are improving all the time and looking good together ,a loss this time by one and a half lengths

J Taylor enjoying her new singles catergory at Novice , winning this straight final easily WIN !!!!

A new crew next at MED - S.Dobson (Finbar) / G.Reed and coxed by oneself . Not much training had by this crew (none) , they pushed from the start , holding their own until halfway and then BANG!!! Finbar went into what i can only explain as cardiac arrest . I was worried he hadn't brushed his teeth because i was expecting to give him mouth to mouth , but this beast of a man carried on with gayle unaware of the sight i was seeing with Finbar in stroke . As  the other crew slowly moved away the crowd cheered us on not knowing what the strange noises were coming from our boat . The final bell tolled and we drifted to a halt . The strange noises slowly dissipated and we  headed to shore ! Hats off to Finbar , don't do that to me again ! They lossed by the way .

Next up MND     J Cross / A Chamberlain / cox P Neat , an easy win in this heat

M.Sherry still having a go at entrant singles , a loss against a strong ditton's lady , but improvement is there to be seen

GND Finbar at it again with Trevor and Jen in the coxes seat . Although i didn't have the pleasure of steves face this time i had the audible from the bank . A loss , more fitness needed !

MED We decided to put our juniors up to status levels . WOW ! E Neat / C.Taylor cox Z.Beharie
They looked smooth / composed , technique was awesome , they breezed through this heat

GED Trevor and Callum in a straight final . They won this race by a length , looking  very good , fantastic win , Trevor now at novice at all catergorys . Happy Man WIN!!!!

LND "the kids " were at it again , this time Jo and Gayle , no win today for these girls

Then to the race of the day - Z.Beharie a 12 year old boy racing at GED . After a pep talk from his coach / dad for approx 60 mins about not drifting into the notorious dittons bay they set off from the start . Halfway down the course Zak decided to ignore his coach and have a picnic in the bay . The ditton's guy had a lead with no way back for Zak .Well thats what we thought , after the picnic , Zak decided to put his foot , he was like a train after his scotch egg and passed the tiring ditton's guy to take the win . Fantastic WIN!!!!!!

Final of the MND Jo and Alistair had a tough race , but lead all the way and won by half a length - WIN!!!!

Proud dad alert - Final of the MED . Emily and Callum / Zak cox . The youngsters showed their class to win this race easily  , this crew will go far WIN !!!!

Great day for Sunbury 5 wins


One more sprint regatta to go , well done Sunbury

Happy Skiffing


Thursday, 10 September 2015


As always ,  I will start with the weather - GREY

It was Skiff Clubs 120th Anniversary regatta , with a live jazz band and a good entry of competitors

First up for Sunbury was myself in bow with my partner Alistair and Zak coxing in gents higher  . We were up against the mighty crew from Valley who recorded the fastest time of the day in this heat to record an easy win

Next were a new crew put together - Mary and Tenacious Trevor - Callum coxing .They look good together for the first time at novice but losted by 3 lengths to a Valley crew

NOW FINALLY , finally , finally  Jen  has  put her  hand up to do a single at entrant , against another Sunbury lady Gayle . Well done both ladies - Jen being victoriuos - through to the final

Then Tricky Trevor was racing at novice singles , against the captain of The Skiff club . Win for Skiff Club

Then Me and Jen in a heat of higher mixed . My legs didn't work after this race - win for us by two foot over a valley crew -  through to final

Faithe doing her novice singles - won her heat easily - through to final

And then the final - Faithe versus Jo - Experience versus Enthusiasm- Experience won
Well done ladies WIN !!!! Novice single WINNER !!

Lunch was taken on this grey day and the band played to themselves

Nervous toilet breaks taken , on to the final of mine and Jen Mixed Higher . After getting my legs to work again , we battled against a ditton's crew , they were just too good , more power please !!

Jo and Alistair in a straight final at novice against a valley crew . WIN FOR SUNBURY !!!

Now a straight final for JO and Gayle "the kids" in entrants mixed .Coxed by their mentor Jen ! There was tears there was laughter , there was victory !!WIN FOR SUNBURY !!!

J16 singles heat ! Two Sunbury boys , Ben and Callum battled it out . Ben Victorious through to final

Ladies entrant final - Two Sunbury ladies - Mary versus Jen - WIN FOR SUNBURY !!! Jen took the glory

J16 final ! Big Ben against young Zak - age and size maybe against Zak , but enthusiasm is not , WIN FOR SUNBURY !!!!! BIG BEN WINS but Zak came a close second

That concludes the round up of Sunbury results



Another good day at the office

Happy skiffing

VC Neat