Sunbury Skiff and Punting Club

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Winter Skiffing 2015

With the completion of the racing season and clocks going back just a reminder on river safety.

River conditions
Any river activity poses a greater risk when there are strong currents, higher river levels or cold weather conditions. Flows can increase even during the summer months – never assume sunny weather means the conditions are not hazardous.

You can keep up to date on conditions on the Sunbury Stretch via the environment agency:

Thames River Conditions

You can also call the Environment Agency Flood line on 0845 9881188.

Do not take risks and never underestimate the power of the river.

Condition Yellow Boards:
The stream conditions can be strong and dangerous for novices and are subject to change, this could happen while you are on the water.
You can skiff but use common sense and make sure each boat has one experienced member in it:

Members are advised not to skiff between sunset and sunrise.

Condition Red Boards:
The Captain or Vice Captain will assess the risk of boating, taking stream flow and weather conditions on the day and then decide whether or not boating is allowed.
Under no circumstances will members under 18 be allowed on the river.
Only double skiffs with experienced members and coxswains will be allowed on the river – no singles.

Under no circumstances shall any skiff be taken out between sunset and sunrise.

Navigation lights

When navigating between sunset and sunrise or in restricted visibility, you must ensure your craft displays the correct navigation lights. These are available in the boat house.


  • bright white light facing forward – on the mast, staff at the bow, cabin top or similar.
  • GREEN light on the starboard side.
  • RED light on the port side.
  • WHITE light on the stern.


  • An all round WHITE light or two white lights giving the same coverage.


  •  If on the water at dusk, after sunset or in restricted visibility, light coloured tops should be worn and an all round WHITE light or two WHITE lights covering 360 degrees must be displayed

Wednesday, 14 October 2015