Sunbury Skiff and Punting Club

Monday, 5 September 2016

SRA Veteran Handicapping Rules 2016

The veteran handicapping rules had changed.

Please see below for the latest rules around this:
1. A Veteran sculler is one who has attained the age of 40 years before the 1st January of the current year.
2. Veteran scullers and crews shall receive a handicap each year based on the sculler’s age, or the crew’s combined ages, at the 1st January of that year.

The handicap to be applied is shown in the following table.

SINGLES                                 DOUBLE
40-45        Scratch                   80-85                Scratch
46-50        2 seconds                  86-90                1 seconds
51-55        4 seconds                 91-95                2 seconds
56-60        6 seconds                 96-100              3 seconds
61-65        8 seconds                 101-105            4 seconds
66-70        10 seconds                106-110            5 seconds
71-75        12 seconds                111-115            6 seconds
76-80        14 seconds                116-120            7 seconds
81-85        16 seconds                121-125            8 seconds
                                                   126-130            9 seconds
                                                   131-135            10 seconds
                                                 136-140            11 seconds
                                                 141-145            12 seconds
                                              146-150            13 seconds

3. A Veteran crew’s handicap shall be reduced for every win in non-processional Veteran events and may become negative if the reduction exceeds the age handicap.
(a) A single sculler’s handicap shall be reduced by 2 seconds for every win in single skiffs, but shall be unaffected by wins in double skiffs.
(b) A double crew’s handicap shall be reduced by one second for every win by either of its members in double skiffs, but shall be unaffected by wins in single skiffs. The term ‘double skiffs’ shall include gentlemen’s, ladies’ and mixed doubles.

4. Scullers and crews with a reduced handicap shall, at the commencement of the next following season, revert to a handicap based only on age.

These rules can be found in the SRA handbook which can be downloaded from the SRA web site.

Ages of competitors should go on the regatta entry forms to enable the regatta to calculate each crews handicap so that the umpire has it when he goes to umpire the race.